On July 16, 2013, Optiphase sold its assets to Halliburton Energy Services and became Optiphase – A Halliburton Service. We continue to be a leading provider of dynamic interferometric fiber optic sensor solutions. Our products include sophisticated fiber optic and electronic instruments, assemblies and components serving the scientific and technical community seeking precision test and measurement devices. We also partner [OEM] with system integrators providing semi-custom assemblies and components for a wide variety of commercial markets and industry applications.


Our core competency is the design manufacturing of high performance dynamic interferometric fiber optic interrogation.

One or a combination of the following factors prompt the need to use our fiber optic technologies and solutions. 

Sensor Interrogation Techniques

Phase demodulation for fiber interferometers involves methods for interrogating dynamic fiber optic sensors and converting the optical phase information to electronic data or signals that accurately represent the measurements of a wide variety of physical parameters in various environments.